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Architecture and technology consulting
The goal of our architecture and technology consulting practice is to bring leading-edge technology solutions and consulting to our customers in various industry segments: telecom and datacom; banking, insurance and financial services; manufacturing; retail; utilities; original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of computers and software; consumer electronics; transportation; and industrial automation and manufacturing.

eBusiness is not just about web-enabling existing systems or business processes. It means leveraging the power of Internet technologies for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Identifying opportunities for improvement, extending, enhancing or transforming business processes, choosing wisely among available options, creating, building, and deploying eBusiness solutions rapidly these are all keys to success.

eBusiness also involves the creation of new revenue streams, maximising existing ones, optimising supply chains, fostering strong customer relationships or gaining insights from enterprise information.

Today organisations worldwide are planning, building and implementing integrated multi-channel eBusiness solutions using the right technologies.

IT security has become a high priority issue today as organizations realize the extent to which their operations can be compromised through improper usage of their own information systems. Our eSecurity practice offers a range of consulting and service offerings to secure your systems from such infringements.

The global information technology industry is rapidly moving towards the development of open, modular systems. A good deal of effort is being invested to make these systems interoperable and easy to access and use.
But the explosive growth of open systems has contributed to a situation wherein huge amounts of critical data are exchanged over a medium that has minimal protection. A little carelessness, a small loophole is all it takes to compromise the security of your system. A break-in by an undesirable source can cause irreparable damage to your business.

The main thrust of our consulting practice is to advice clients on issues concerning security policy design, application security, information security, operating system security, and network security.

IT Infrastructure Services
IT Infrastructure Services is a strategic business unit of Niericker.Com that is focused on providing IT infrastructure solutions and services to the global customer base. Niericker.Com has developped several clients' IT infrastructure, spread across the world. The experience gained from designing, managing and building IT infrastructure solutions on heterogeneous platforms, is leveraged to provide value-added services to our global clients.

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