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SundaySunday, a devision of Mandarin Communications Ltd. in Hong Kong, offering mobile services and a mobile (GSM) network for the region of Hong Kong. Niericker.Com co-developped and implemented a mobile virtual network operator joined venture with a third party, offering specific services and content for mobile users, including location based services and SIM-applications.

CarcleanProCarCleanPro is a professional supplier of car cleaning products and services for residential and corporate customers. Niericker.Com founded this company and is still offering management services for this company, including website development and management.

TiscaliTiscali S.p.A., is the European Internet Communication Company providing broadband and narrowband access for consumer and business applications as well as innovative communications services and contents. Niericker.Com has been involved in the founding and development of World Online International, later merged with Tiscali to become this leading European Internet communications company. Niericker.Com was involved in the merger and the path leading to this merger.

X-elfX-Elf, a company specialised in personal development, coaching, training and interim management. Niericker.Com idesignes and installed the company infrastructure and office networks as well as a co-development of their internet presentation.

ShellShell Internet Services Limited in London, leading the Internet related projects in Shell International, World Wide. Niericker.Com provided a consultant as Technical Director for the Global Portal Solutions Team. Niericker.Com was responsable for network architecture and provided expert assistance.

VovoneVovone is a major player in the Voice over IP Internet telephony market. Specialised in B2B VoIP solutions, Vovone grew quite fast from a small startup to a serious player. Niericker.Com delivered consultants for the development process of many aspects of the VoIP systems used.

Justus Slijptechniek
Justus SlijptechniekJustus Slijptechniek, a company specialised in grinding and sharpening of tools, but also sales of tools and industrial equipment. Niericker.Com developped the Internet precense and on-line marketing of Justus Slijptechniek.

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